The Next Big Marketing Medium

Consumers are constantly being inundated with clever advertisements and marketing campaigns. Every time a consumer turns on a television, flips through a magazine, visits their favorite websites, or even drives to work, they are bombarded with attractive advertisements. This can make it difficult for marketers and entrepreneurs to infiltrate these saturated mediums and get their name to the masses. Therefore, instead of attempting to stand out in a crowded arena, many marketers are on a search for the next big marketing platform.

Two New and Innovative Marketing Mediums:

1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media is the new ‘hot’ way for family and friends to stay connected to each other, as well as to their favorite retailers, restaurants, and local businesses. There are currently over:
● 500 million Facebook users
● 75 million Twitter users
● 130 million MySpace users
● 75 million LinkedIn users

Facebook currently estimates that their members spend around 700 billion minutes each month on the site, with over half of their members logging in daily. This makes social networking websites an enormous marketing platform, with almost endless possibilities.

Marketers can use these social websites to their advantage in a few different ways. They can pay to have their ads placed on the site, viewable to consumers in their area, create interactive profiles, or start “groups” for fans of their services. While paying to place ads on one of these websites may be expensive, this is the best way to get noticed by the largest number of users, with the least amount of effort. However, if a marketer has enough time to put into creating and updating a profile or group, this may be the best, and most affordable way of marketing to members.

Creating a profile on a social networking website, like Facebook, allows marketers to raise public awareness, advertise promotions, and even interact with customers. Companies can post pictures, videos, and make a company less like a business and more like a friend. This makes customers more familiar and comfortable with a business, as well as more likely to choose their goods or services over less familiar names.

Another great way for marketers to take advantage of social networking websites is to start a blog. There are a variety of free blog providers that allow individuals and companies to create a blog in a matter of minutes. These blogs can be used to keep customers up to date on company happenings, post interesting articles, and let customers know about promotions and sales. By providing customers with fun, interesting materials and updates, they will be more likely to revisit the blog and remain connected to the company. Combining a blog with a company website or social networking profile is a great way to take advantage of a variety of free marketing mediums.

2. Mobile Marketing:

While most marketers have struggled to get a good Google ranking or paid to have their ads on popular search engines, most marketers have not considered mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a way of reaching potential clients and customers through their mobile phone or device. In current times, many people see their cellular telephone as an extension of themselves. Cell phones are regarded as essential tools that most people avoid even leaving home without. In fact, approximately five billion people have cellphones worldwide, with around 38% of United States users accessing the internet on their mobile phones.

Marketers are now discovering that they can reach potential customers through mobile internet ads, text message, picture message, and through mobile phone applications and games. Companies can send their customers text messages regarding services, place ads on websites that were specially configured for mobile phones, or even place their ads on popular applications that will be seen by thousands, or even millions, of users.

While this form of advertising is sure to become popular in the future, it is currently one of the least saturated markets, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs and marketers to stand out. However, interested marketers better act fast, as this amount of opportunity is sure to become one of the most popular forms of marketing, as mobile internet and cell phone dependence continues to grow.

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