What Should I Know About Temporary Auto Cover?

First of all, you should understand what temporary car insurance is. Temporary car insurance is insurance that covers a driver for a period of time less than one year. Temporary cover typically has most of the features associated with traditional cover, but it is only temporary and is usually easier to obtain. You may need to consider temporary car insurance if you are loaning your car to a friend, going on vacation, or purchasing a new vehicle.

If you are loaning your car to a relative or friend for a short period of time, you will want to get some sort of cover in case there is an accident. It is possible to add an additional driver to your long term policy, but this typically involves a lot of hassle and cumbersome paperwork. In addition, if there is an accident, your long term policy may be affected. However, if you purchase a temporary policy, you wonít have to worry about any penalties if there is a problem. It is also much easier and quicker than adding a driver to traditional insurance. Or you could buy weekend car insurance from www.weekendcarinsurance.org.uk

For those planning a vacation within driving distance, you can choose to either take your own vehicle or rent one. It is often much easier to fly in and then rent a car, especially if your destination is relatively far away. In this case, you will want to purchase temporary insurance for your rental. If your destination is not within driving distance, you will have no choice but to rent a car or find a different mode of transportation.

When you purchase a new car, you will need insurance cover before you can legally drive it off the lot. Since you will want to drive your new car right away, you may be tempted to accept a long term policy that is unnecessarily expensive. However, if you purchase temporary cover, you can drive your new vehicle right away while you take your time shopping for the best long term cover deal.

Temporary car insurance can be purchased either in an insurance providerís office or online. It is also possible to compare prices from multiple vendors online. Make sure that your policy has all of the features you may want, including liability insurance and cover for personal injury or property damage. Policies can usually be cancelled by simply issuing a written request for cancellation to the company in question.

Temporary car insurance can be extremely beneficial in a number of situations that require only temporary cover. Depending on the situation, you can save yourself money, time, and anxiety. In addition, you wonít have to worry about any problems with your long term cover as a result of something that happens on vacation or when you loan your car to a friend.

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