Why short term car insurance is so popular

Helped along by all the interest these days in green issues, there has been a backlash by many people against the way in which car travel has been seen as absolutely essential to a civilised life. Although the widespread ownership of cars has meant that we are all much freer to travel the length and breadth of the country more or less whenever we wish there is no denying the fact that wholesale destruction of our towns, cities and countryside has taken place in order to accommodate these machines; millions of acres have been concreted over to provide roads, the centres are historic towns have been destroyed to create access roads and multi-storey car parks, the very air that we breathe is polluted by millions of tons of carbon dioxide and other more insidious chemicals every year.

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The government of course has done its best in the destruction, but what successive governments have done to encourage is away from our cars have been largely unsuccessful, despite the huge costs that motorists now bear in the form of the road fund licence, and taxes on fuels such as petrol and diesel.

The insurance industry has done their best to wean us away from motoring as well! Over the last decade the cost of premiums has been steadily rising, and the rate at which it is rising is increasing; between 2010 and 20 there was an almost 40% increase in the average cost of car insurance premiums, and since just about every insurance company claims to lose money even at these high prices it seems likely that insurance costs will continue to spiral upwards.

It is hardly surprising that short term car insurance (available here), which was first brought out as a niche product, has now become one of the most popular insurance purchases on the Internet! Whereas buying it from a broker in the traditional way is still extremely expensive insurance companies have been able to harness the power of the computer and the Internet to provide a system under which it is possible to get a quote for insurance for anything between one and 28 days, pay for a policy and have immediate cover, by simply going online and spending about 10 min on a short term car insurance website. Prices may seem high when compared against the day-to-day cost of a conventional policy, but a short term policy was never intended to compete with the yearly ones, it is a product which is to be used as and when needed, rather than being bought for use over a long period of time.

From a relatively simple product short term car insurance has gradually become more useful by giving an option of either third-party only or fully comprehensive cover, travel in Europe has been included, with an option to upgrade this to fully comprehensive; and some policies include breakdown assistance as well. Many companies will accept EU passports so that visitors to these shores can legally drive on our roads using cars which have been borrowed from friends or relations.

As insurance and other motoring costs continue to increase, it is likely that more and more short term policies will be purchased by an ever more financially squeezed motoring public.

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